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We're an interdisciplinary design & branding studio living a digital nomad lifestyle.

we continue to build our networks and creative inspiration through travel. As we immerse ourselves in different cultures, we're better able to apply more perspective into building brands.

A deeper, more profound understanding of our fellow human is what drives our design and strategy


"real" relationships


cultural collaboration


imaginative design


the founder


here i am. jacri stubbs.

i'm an island boy (bahamas & jamaica to di ting) who moved to ny in 2012. over the past 4 years, i was a "mad-man" in pharma, working for a few big names - grey, havas, razorfish.  i advanced pretty quickly but as the salary increased, so did my stress and disdain for the work i was doing. i honestly felt like i was losing myself.

i needed a mental break, so i pursued my creative passions at parsons the new school of design. in dec. 2015, i completed a grad cert in digital and graphic design. it was time to change my life around.

over the next few months, i focused on me and my happiness. i devoted time to my talents - design, singing, writing; my very own renaissance. i also traveled to europe for the first time in june 2016. berlin, london and reykjavik changed me forever.

okay, so you know the job i hated? well, those fuckers fired me and did me the biggest favor of my life. i was free... ish. two days after, i received my hail mary, i'd been selected to advance in applying for remote year. the program selects groups of 75 digital nomads to travel 10 different countries in one year.. that's 12 cities, one each month. fast-forward a few weeks, i got in! ffwd a few more, and i was in malaysia with the 7th remote year group: libertatem.

reflecting on life, i realized just how much i loved ad life sans the fluff. :) "real" relationships kept me alive during my time on madison ave. i founded dyad creatives with the hope to foster a studio culture that isn't so much about politics as it is about building "real" relationships, collaborating, and doing great work. 

i figured i'd focus on what truly matters - inspiring people to create, to explore, to live. we all just want to understand one another. 

jacri stubbs

founder & creative director